Rav Neuwirth on ‘Kosher Switch’: “Lo Alah Al Daati Lehatir”


This letter, written three years ago, is being publicized now as per the request of Rav Neuwrith’s family, since he has been quoted erroneously and the family wishes to clear up any misconception that may have arisen from people misquoting him.


  1. Just curious. This letter is 3 years old. Has anything changed in the last 3 years with regard to the design of this switch that perhaps now the Rov would change his opinion?

  2. wow !!!!!!!!!!

    how many people were mechalel Shabbos because nothing was verified after the manufacturer stated their opinion?

  3. do your research first before you buy something that someone human claims is kosher or mutar… when it sounds fishy. “a deal that sounds too good to be true is not true”

  4. 1. No. But a lot has changed with regard to crowdsourcing, phony haskamos, misrepresentation, wheeler-dealer trying to get everyone to use it, etc.

  5. Thank you Matzav for publishing the truth regarding this matter. I know that people are threatening anyone that stands in the way of this product, but they should not get away with lying.

  6. another thing that has changed is that rav Yehoshuah zatzal is no longer here to defend his psak. It is much too easy to posthumously claim a shita in someone’s name. ?”? the family saved this letter. I had already heard from one of the talmidim that were there when the kosher switch was presented to Rav Yehoshua, and his response was then very clearly “only for use in hospitals”.


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