Rav Schlesinger: Halacha Prohibits Riding With Drivers Who Disregard Road Safety Laws


highwayroshhaayinIn a recent interview, Rav Eliyohu Schlesinger, the rov of Yerushalayim’s Gilo neighborhood and the posek for the Yerushalayim Rabbinate, spoke out against hazardous driving and the mortal threat it poses.

“The Mishnoh Berurah, in Hilchos Yom Kippur regarding Kol Nidrei, says it’s permitted to pray with transgressors, explaining that those who violate public regulations are including under that definition. Apparently this would also extend to people who are lax with road safety laws, i.e. who run red lights, fail to heed stop signs or drive at high speeds, since this is also included among public regulations.

“He who treats his life and the lives of those around him with abandon is considered a transgressor and he should be related to as one relates to those who violate public regulations, raising a number of questions: Can one engage in commerce with him? Can he be called up to the Torah? Can he be included in a minion? Can one stand within his dalet amos?

 {M. Ochayon-Deiah veDibur/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Wow, some chidush. Doctors would take out full-page ads in the Jewish Press for years, telling people that smoking is dangerous for the bodies. A lot of good it did them, seeing how yeshivah bochurs would start smoking because it was a popular thing to do.

  2. It is very helpful when ultra-orthodox
    religious leaders, rabbis and roshei yeshiva,
    for instance, denounce such misconduct.
    (You can see, from time to time, all sorts of
    signs in frum neighborhoods emphasizing
    ritual. Declarations in favor of Khalev Yisroel, exhortations to buy the best etrogim and to put on tzitzit and eat “glatt” kosher.
    It’s about time attention is paid to
    halachot bayn adam lah-khaveiro.)

    Reckless driving cannot be tolerated.
    Certainly halakhot bayn adam lah-Makom are
    indispensable for shomray-mitsvah yeedin.
    Without equal adherence to mitzvot bayn
    adam lah-khaveyro, however, great harm is


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