Rav Shteinman Calls for Five Straight Days of Limud Hatorah


rav-shteinman1Maran Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Orchos Torah, in a special letter written on Shushan Purim, has called for five consecutive days of uninterrupted limud haTorah in order to revoke the gezeirah currently hanging over the Olam Hatorah regarding being drafted into the Israeli army.

The letter was published this morning in the chareidi newspapers, urging the public – bochurim and avreichim – to learn a sequence of five days in order to abolish the decree requiring enlistment in the IDF by bnei yeshiva.

rav-shteinman“Unfortunately, we all fear for the fate of bnei Torah and amolei Torah from the very young… Each person should make an effort to add to his Torah learning and to learn with greater diligence…”

Rav Shteinman also called for greater scrupulousness in the performance of mitzvos and shemiras Shabbos.

Rav Shteinman then asked the talmidei hayeshivos to follow the formula of the Ramchal of learning for five days straight as a zechus for rachamei Shomayim in light of the current circumstances.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. This works out great for me – although I am a working man. I am scheduled to make a siyum on Sunday and I’m behind schedule. I have to learn about three blatt a day to make it happen.

    This gives me an extra nudge and gives me the feeling that the letter was written to me personally.

    Although I still have to go to work today through Friday!

  2. I would like to write a letter to the Editor. what readers think, of Yeshivahs sending out Bochrim on Purim to collect money for the Yeshivah, while the Bochrim are so nervous they might not collect enough, A friend of mine, son was asked to go collecting with a group that came in from out of town, he, at the end of the day, didn’t even get to enjoy Purim; is this what Purim is all about now a days? Yes I know Yesahivas need money, but there’s different ways to do it>


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