Rav Shteinman: How Voting is a Demonstration of Kiddush Hashem


rav-aharon-leib-shteinmanThe following is from a drasha delivered by Maran Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman in Yerushalayim this past Thursday night:

Morai verabbosai, everyone knows that all of the mitzvos are so holy that we cannot describe them or can we measure their greatness. Even so, there is the sin of chillul Hashem and there is the mitzvah of kiddush HaShem. Regarding chillul Hashem, Rabbeinu Yonah says that it is worse than avodah zara, serving idols in private. That is why if someone takes an false oath in bais din, which is a chillul Hashem, it is worse than avodah zara, serving idols. And, in all probability, the good miiddah is more than the bad middah. And the good middah is making a kiddush Hashem.

“A kiddush Hashem is if Klal Yisroel says: We want that Klal Yisroel, that the entire Eretz Yisroel, will act according to kedushah, according to the Torah. This is a kiddush Hashem. And each person, by saying this, if he votes, is saying, “I want that there to be a kiddush Hashem, that the Name of Heaven should be sanctified, that the entire Klal Yisroel should act according to the Torah.”

“This opportunity does not present itself every day. Right now, this is something that the entire world can know. A person can say, “I want a kiddush Hashem. I want the Name of G-d to be sanctified.” And this is the greatest opportunity. May Hashem help that we shall merit that there be a true kiddush Hashem, and we shall merit that the entire Klal Yisroel should act according to the Torah, until we merit the true redemption speedily in our days. Amein selah.”

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The fear and worry over the future is well known..No one knows what will be the lot of the Torah world as people work to halt the learning of Torah through the draft law.

Maran Rav Shteinman expressed his thoughts on the matter as follows:

“We need there to be one individual, who is truly pained by the matter of kevod Shomayim. If there will be one such individual who is really pained about kevod Shomayim, then most probably the entire situation would change.

In a similar thought, when Bnei Torah from chutz la’aretz asked Rav Shteinman what they are capable of doing to gain merit for the upcoming elections in Eretz Yisroel so that there will be positive results, he answered, “I do not know of anything stronger than Torah. Any increase in Torah learning, either Gemara, Rashi and Tosafos, or Chumash and Rashi, or Mishnayos, all of these are very powerful.”

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  1. Rav Steinman is speaking about acting with a Kiddush Hashem and increasing Torah learning in Chutz L’aretz? Where does he mention voting?


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