Rav Shteinman zt”l’s Statement Regarding Kohanim



Gedolim like Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a live intense and busy lives. Each day, the poor and suffering of klal yisroel flock to his home to ask for his blessing. Arguably no one has a clearer picture of the hardships of the Jewish people today.

As he approaches his menorah, a crowd gathered behind him to hear the Rav make the bracha, he drops a coin into the pushka for Vaad HaRabbanim. However, how much can he alone do to provide for the poor families of Bnei Brak? How much can one man give?

That is why the Rav takes time out of his intense schedule to do events like Vaad HaRabbanim’s Zos Chanukah campaign. His request in return is simple: He is calling on klal yisroel to chip in to help widows, orphans, and other families who are struggling to put food on the table.

This year’s event is an epic union of three incredible prayer gatherings, all set to take place during the same precious moments of Zos Chanukah.

The first: A minyan of kohanim will pray together during lighting time on Zos Chanukah, a time known to be powerful for prayer. Their location will be at the Kosel Hamaaravi in the tunnels facing the Kodesh Hakodoshim from which the Shechinah moved and where the miracle of Chanukah took place 2155 years ago.

Secondly, Rav Chaim Kanievsky will pray personally for those who add their names to the list.

Third, a group of gedolei Torah and their emissaries will also complete 1000 repetitions of the Sefer Tehillim, a labor which involves roughly 2,000 hours of prayer.

These three events will take place during the same powerful moments, as the large group of holy people cries out to the heavens, on behalf of these poor families and all those who choose to help them.

Names are being accepted here for a limited time.




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