RCCS Expresses Deep Appreciation to Outgoing Executive Director For a Decade of Dedicated Service and Wishes Him Well At His New Post


rccsRofeh Cholim Cancer Society (RCCS) this week announced they will bid farewell to their Executive Director, Rabbi Yosef C. Golding, after nearly a decade of dedicated service and wished him well as he continues his life of chesed serving in the newly created position of COO for Agudath Israel of America beginning May 1.

In a statement to volunteers within the organization, R’ Hershel Kohn – Founder and President – expressed his hakaras hatov to Rabbi Golding for “all he has done for RCCS” and wished him “much hatzlacha in his new capacity.” The two have worked very closely over the past 9 years accomplishing what many said was impossible – making RCCS the leading organization for cancer stricken families.

At a staff meeting held in the RCCS headquarters to announce his departure, Rabbi Golding, humbly, remarked that “it was through the efforts of the dedicated staff at RCCS that this unique organization has seen such amazing success over the years.” Citing his continued love for the organization, he assured the staff that he will maintain a regular involvement as a senior volunteer advisor to the staff and Board and will continue many of the major projects in which he has been involved.

Thanks to the tireless work of the Board of Directors and RCCS staff, the delivery of services to the, nearly, 1,600 patients RCCS currently assists will remain seamless and uninterupted.

Moshe Weiser, Vice President, said, “While it is our greatest hope that there will come a time when RCCS is no longer needed, until that time we will continue to function as a steadfast anchor in the Jewish community to help Acheinu B’nei Yisroel cope with their cancer diagnosis and corresponding insurance needs.”

RCCS, a recognized 501(c)3 organization, provides an array of services for cancer-stricken patients in need; primary among them is the subsidizing of health insurance premiums, enabling them to obtain the best possible medical care.

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  1. Hatzlacha, and may you continue to use your kochos l’toeles harabim, and see personal nachas as well, for many years to come.


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