Readers’ Matzav: You Have Tremendous Power


chareidi-boys-bochurimDear Mesivta and Yeshiva Bochurim,

You are about to begin a new zeman. Your hopes are high for a year of hatzlocha in your learning. People often remind themselves that hatzlocha in parnassa comes from Hashem or that winning a raffle is from Hashem. Somehow, when it comes to learning, some people think that if they work hard and diligently, they will be matzliach. Of course, there is no doubt that a bochur should put his kochos into learning, but he cannot forget that he needs siyata diShmaya to be successful.

There is another common misconception – that Kiddush Hashem is a term that applies only vis-à-vis a gentile or a secular Jew. We must be aware, however, that we must be on guard to make a Kiddush Hashem in front of everyone. When a masmid says, “Good morning,” to a younger bochur, the younger bochur thinks to himself, “Look what becomes of someone who is devoted to learning Torah.” When an older bochur who davens with kavana waits his turn in line for the water fountain or for a chance to wash netilas yodayim, a younger bochur will feel, “Wow, I want to be like him. He is a real mentch.”

You – yes, each one of you – has tremendous power in your every action. “At risk” bochurim don’t always look “at-risk.” They may be on time for seder, and they may even learn extra sedorim. But they look at you. They ask themselves, “If I stick to the Torah path, how will I turn out?” If you treat them like a mentch, if you treat them as a Divine creation, you may have a cheilek in every single mitzvah and every word of Torah of theirs and their children and their grandchildren.

What greater zechus can a bochur have for his own personal hatzlocha in learning than acting, with his mentchlichkeit, as an ambassador of Hashem.

Shteig Ois

(Writing from Experience)


  1. Definitely agree that siyata diShmaya is necessary in every facet of our lives, however, there is a reason that people believe that hard work and diligence lead to success in Torah. First of all “Hakol B’ydei Shamayim, chutz m’yiras Shamayim.” In addition Chazal explain “Yagatta umatzasa ta’amin” refers to yegiah and ameilus b’Torah. We can include, with regard to teshuva, “Pischu li peasch k’chudo shel machat, va’ani eftach lachem k’pischo shel ulam.” Having said all of that we do beg Hashem every day, during Birchos Hatorah, the Bracha of Ahava Rabba, and other tefillos, to help us shreig in Torah. May all our Bachurim, wherever they are learning, be blessed with a year of Bracha and Hatzlacha in their learning and in all aspects of their lives.

  2. Don’t chazal say “yagati umatsasi taamin”? Of course everything needs siyata dishmaya, but the way to get it in learning is by working hard.

  3. To add 1 further dimesnsion , I refer you to the Netziv in HaAMek Davar in the beginning of Devarim on the Pasuk of Hishamer Lecha UshMor Nafshecha MiOd Pen TishKach Mah SheRaU EyNeychem Bi Sinai

  4. Who is this letter written to?

    The bochurim are already in Yeshiva and will hopefully never see this!!

    And anyways, let their hadracha be up to their Rebaim, Mashgichim etc.. If you don’t trust them, send your children elsewhere.

    Or are you just taking advantage of this website to vent your opinions with no apparent purpose other than venting your opinions!?!

  5. Good bochurim are not on the Internet, the ones that are… They’r at risk! Even if the don’t look like it.

  6. This is hardly limited to yeshiva bochrim. Balabattim who still hold onto the dream of being matzliach in their learning, and their mentchlechkeit should also realize their potential to grow.
    Do you share your limud with others? Do you (still) daven for hatzlacha in your learning…?
    Ksivah Vchasimah Tovah

  7. Who wrote this, anonymously no less? It sounds to me like he/she has too much free time on their hands. Good thing Matzav gives equal opportunity to all. Can I write something as well (something with substance) or is this reserved for some elite group?

  8. let those who are inspired enjoy the benefits of being inspired.why knock an article for no good reason?those who bash posts which are simply meant to strengthen others may be “teapots calling the kettle black”.and another part of the article made a very scary but accurate point:PEOPLE GO OFF THE DERECH IN THEIR MINDS WAY BEFORE THEY START DRESSING”AT RISK”.OF COURSE,ONCE A PERSON IS PORAYTZ THEIR OWN GEDORIM,THINGS QUICKLY SPIRAL DOWNWARD.


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