Reb Hershel Leitner z”l


It is with great sadness that reports the passing of Reb Hershel Leitner z”l of Lakewood, NJ. He was 68 years old.

Reb Hershel resided on Clifton Avenue, between 4th and 5th Streets, where he was found at his home yesterday, unresponsive.

A friend to members of the local community, Reb Hershel learned in his younger years under Rav Nochum Partzovitz at Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim and Rav Shmuel Rozovsky at Yeshivas Ponovezh.

He worked in the field of kashrus, serving as a mashgiach for caterers and simcha halls in Lakewood.

Reb Hershel did not marry, but is survived by his dear mother, Mrs. Sarah Lietner, his brother, R’ Yossi Leitner, and numerous friends and admirers who will miss his kind personality, keen insight, sense of humor, ehrlichkeit, and ahavas Yisroel.

The levaya was held yesterday at the Congregation Sons of Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Chapel on Ramsey Street in Lakewood. The aron is being flown to Eretz Yisroel for kevurah there.

Shivah is taking place at 1996 Ocean Avenue, between Avenues O and P, Apt. #3B, in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Shivah each day concludes at 9 p.m.

All are asked to learn l’illui nishmas R’ Tzvi ben Chaim Yechezkel z”l.

Yehi zichro boruch.



  1. Please note
    Mrs Leitner (Hershel’s mother) is sitting shiva in Lakewood at
    1101 Princeton
    Corner of Princeton & 11th.


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