Rechnitz: Open Orthodoxy Has To Be Eradicated


In a speech delivered this past Sunday to a massive crowd at the Simchas Bais Hashoeivah at Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim, Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, the noted philanthropist from Los Angeles and the most prominent support of the Mir, addressed a number of hot button issues, including the influence of the liberal Left both in Eretz Yisroel and in the Diaspora.

Reb Shlomo Yehuda, during his remarks, strongly condemned the “Open Orthodoxy” group.

“What is so dangerous about them is that they have hijacked our name and description,” said Rechnitz. “You see, Orthodox, Conservative and Reform are not nouns. They describe different facets of religion. The definition of Orthodox is traditional. Non-changing. Keeping everything the same.”

He later commented, “Going to shul doesn’t make you frum just like standing in a garage doesn’t make you a car.”

Traditional Jews who might not be so stringent in their observance of the Torah yet want to remain Orthodox, he said, “can be fooled into a Reform Judaism that misleads all by its devious name.”

He added, “Call it whatever you want, but this religion can be best described with the famous words of the president of the United States: Fake News. It’s all fake. There is nothing Orthodox about them, and the only thing that’s open are their businesses on Yom Kippur and Shabbos.

“The concept of Open Orthodoxy has to be eradicated like a cancer. Not the people. Just the concept.”

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  1. Let’s get Torquemada to hunt down everybody Rechnitz does not like and eradicate them. Let’s stifle all discussion and while we’re at it, let’s have forced brainwashing for all Jews so we will think exactly what we are told to think!! Who told him that just because he has money he’s entitled to pontificate on any subject he wants?

    • Yosef, the only ones going Torquemada are the liberal-fascists, whose ideology the Open Fakeodox are working very hard to sneak into the Jewish nation.

  2. Will u be happy when the name is ‘open traditional ?’ SY people are unhappy and disillusioned and need an outlet. The Main pipeline for OO is the OTD. The Alternative for many will be ‘Jews for nothing ‘

    • Soggy, feed a hungry person with real food, not an excrement disguised as food. People go off the derech because they failed to receive their proper dosage of emes and beauty of Torah. There’s only one remedy: 100% genuine and undiluted Torah.

  3. Let’s start doing something.
    Begin protests at their headquarters and all the Shuls around the country that hired their graduates. We can hire round the clock protesters even non Jews to do the job. Will dress them as Jews and if the media complains about that, we can tell them the open orthodox are fake and masquerade as orthodox.

  4. Well, yes. Exactly.
    It’s the same thing with “gay marriage”. You can’t just change the definition of marriage. “Marriage” is between one man and one woman. That definition can NEVER be changed. If 2 men or 2 women want to share an apartment together, THAT’S NOT MARRIAGE! If 2 of the same gender live together, that’s a perversion. You can’t call “that” marriage. You can’t say that blue is red. You can’t say that a tree is a horse. If a person was born a man, HE IS A MAN. If a person was born a woman, SHE IS A WOMAN. What is so hard to understand? Have you been so brainwashed by the Thought Police? A very very small minority of perverts have bullied their way in, with the help of the evil militant media, and run roughshod of the majority of healthy normal moral people in this Country.

    • Edinger, there’s only one Yahadus, as there is only one emes. Everything else is sheker. Open Paradox(that’s right Paradox) don’t even care about Yahadus – it’s all about importing goyishe toeiva and treifus into our midst.

    • Different views are OK. That’s why we have chassidish, litvish, and yekkes, and machlokesim all the time. Going against the mesorah and spewing total kefirah to”fit in with the times” isnt just a different view. its a mutation of Judaism, a cancer if you will, that we need to get rid of. We can do it by educating the ignorant or we can do it by cherem, but we cant ignore this in the name of tolerance.

  5. The Neos are not a permutation of Reform, which was never devious about its attitude toward Halacha. O.O. is a typical manifestation of Shechterism, except that certain Conservative pastors were a lot more learned than any O.O. bushwhacker. The two deviations are exactly on the same dialectic as the Protestants: accommodation and pragmatism. Ain’t no known accommodation with cancer. Exactly as the RASAG, GRA and R’ABETZ taught about deviants of their eras.

  6. kol hakavod. It was an excellent speech. Worth watching/listening to the whole thing. He had other important things to say that are well worth hearing. דבר בעתו מה טוב.

    יישר כח

  7. Rechnitz also spoke of the absolute rishus and Chilul H perpetuated by numerous “in town” educational institutions in the pursuit of elitism. Those reshoim that refuse Torah education to Jewish children are on the same team with the Conservodox: both are trying to deny every Yid’s connection to Torah. Perhaps Matzav can discuss the more relevant and dangerous issue: the corrupt burned-out establishment taking over the once great educational system that the gedolim of the previous generation were moser nefesh for, then using the system for self aggrandizement as opposed to the stated goal of limud haTorah.

  8. Crowded new days. Open orthodoxy to follow the mass of reform and the mess of conservative.

    Does anyone ever wonder what the end is whether a stalemate between traditional judaism and toeivah plus hate of G-d? It is so insensible that my daily prayer can not ever find anything but more issues between the crowd that allows the abomination and the purity of soul Israel that must be discussed and praised.

    The open orthodoxy wants just another mess and another massive look at what reform did but the orthodox do better. A guess is that they have a mechitza and want to look the role of orthodox. I still do not know any may only investigate by matzav reading.

    Careless crowd today. They want abominations. If you discuss that it is an abomination, you are shunned.

    If you mention the 6 letter word in bad company, you are a heretic. What word is so bad? KOSHER!

    This is a killer go easy culture. OJ gets off. America has reform judaism. The worst is the worst.

    They come, they go, they pass their bad wages of hate and the future is a generation of more abomination or dare we say not even jewish kids.

    The whole world is much worse and getting worse with each jew who eats non-kosher food. He knows not what he hates and his popularity grows in a culture of gentiles who are always happy to see he is not obedient to Hashem. He will get a job. You will not.

    We can do better. But it is Hashem who must bring us our redemption. I pray we get further each year. This abomination mess is so bad that no soul can survive the hate of now even this toeivah heresy open orthodoxy. It is yet another bored soul looking for any excuse to get away from his Torah obligations.

    Keep on pulling Israel. We have much to do.

  9. Bh we have askonim like R’ S.Y. Rechnitz who uses his money for Torah causes and as a shiliach of Gedolei Yisroel (yes, he has earned that title fair and square), he is not saying his personal opinion. He is spreading the ways and words of Gedolei Yisroel.


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