Released Palestinian Terrorist Welcomed by Abbas, Received as Hero in West Bank

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Palestinian Authority TV aired on April 10 footage from a party held for Fatah terrorist Rajaei Haddad, who was released from prison after serving 20 years for his involvement in the murder of Israeli citizen Gabriel Hirschberg in 1997.

Hirschberg, a 26-year-old yeshiva student at the time of his death, was shot to death in the Old City of Jerusalem by Ayman al-Sharbati, for whom Haddad served as a lookout. Al-Sharbati remains in prison.

PA leader Mahmoud Abbas held a one-hour meeting with Haddad prior to the party.

Jamal Muhaisen of the Fatah Central Committee, who participated in the party, said that “the message to the occupation is that the issue of the prisoners and of the martyrs is where we draw the line.”





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