Renewal Thanks Klal Yisroel Upon 500th Transplant


Dear Readers of Matzav,

This week Renewal facilitated its 500th kidney transplant. This
represents 500 individuals who selflessly gave of themselves and
underwent surgery in order that another person, often a stranger,
should be able to live! 500 lives saved, thousands of individuals
directly and indirectly effected!

We mark this momentous occasion by recognizing the absolute true
heroes of this ongoing story of Renewal – the Kidney Donors! It is
because of them that we can hope to continue making such a great
difference in so many lives!

Simultaneously, we would like to thank those individuals on the
transplant teams who go above and beyond the call of duty. Those
select individuals who “get it”. They recognize the sacrifice the
donors are making and go out their way to make the process as smooth
as possible. It is amazing to see the difference in the care, concern
and availability – know that it is noticed and very much appreciated.

We salute our partners and thank G-d for the opportunity to be part of
these miraculous events! We pray for the day that all sick are healed.




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