Report: Bernie ‘Dying’ in Jail


madoffA NY Post Exclusive: Bernie Madoff had little to lose by confessing to masterminding the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme – he’s dying of cancer, sources told The Post. Madoff, who is serving 150 years at a North Carolina federal lockup after pleading guilty to swindling more than $65 billion, has been telling fellow inmates he does not have much longer to live.

“He’s been taking about 20 pills a day for his cancer,” said one inmate.

“He talks about it all the time. He’s not doing very well.”

There’s been much speculation as to why Madoff took the entire fall for the scheme – and rumors of his suffering from pancreatic cancer surfaced many months before he arrived at the Butner, NC, complex in June.

The prisoners did not confirm that’s the form of cancer he’s suffering.

His lawyer did not return messages yesterday but, when previously asked by The Post, would neither confirm nor deny his client has cancer. A lawyer for his wife, Ruth, also did not return messages.

Meanwhile, Bernie has been killing time at the prison participating in Native American religious purification ceremonies held at an on-grounds “sweat lodge,” other sources said.

He accepted invitations from Native American inmates to join them at their weekly prayer services. The ceremonies involve praying, using heated rocks to induce sweat and smoking from a ceremonial pipe.

It is unclear whether the 71-year-old Madoff checked out the ceremony because of health reasons. For centuries, Native Americans have used sweat lodges to help detoxify the body mentally, spiritually and physically.

Inmates who participate are usually shirtless, and Madoff was no exception earlier this month during the first ceremony he attended, according to the prisoners.

One inmate said various “gangs” at the prison are trying to recruit Bernie to their crews.

Some prisoners are also bending over backward trying to satisfy his hearty appetite by regularly cooking sandwich wraps for him back at their cells.

Madoff was quickly assigned a job in the prison’s engraving section when he first arrived, but last month he was transferred to a job painting fences.

{NY Post/ Newscenter}


  1. moshe..we cant say that, that’s just not right – he’s not an apikores(who we do pray for to die, but even that is not 100% true today, since they’re not ‘achar tochacha’) – nowhere does it say we can pray for a person like him to die. We should daven for hi to do teshuvah and come back to yiddishkeit – i dont think anyone sensible would turn him away – I remember rebbetzin heller had an interesting article in the hamodiah magazine about how for all we know, madoff could be a ‘gem’. Quite a torah-dik attitude, if you ask me.

  2. I posted this here before and I will post it here now again.

    Has any Ben Torah Rav gone to the prison and attempted to meet with him and begin to show him some kind of way that he can at least begin to do at least some kind of T’Shuva for his Aveiros?? He did, at the courtroom, make a long public apology. While that is quite weak, it is still a small start.

    If he is doing these Indian rituals for health healing benefits, that is probably fine. But if he is doing them for “spirituality” and, Chas V’Shalom, Avoda Zara, of course, that is very terrible — and, very sad. Can’t someone go there and properly show him that Torah/Judaism is the real “spirituality”??


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