Report: Christie’s Offer On Election Night Got Him Dumped Off The Trump Team


According to a new book called Devil’s Bargain by Joshua Green, President Trump’s decision to part ways with Chris Christie came after the New Jersey governor offered his own cell phone as means for speaking with former President Barack Obama.

“Hey Donald,” Christie said. “The President talked to me earlier. If you win he’s going to call my phone, and I’ll pass it over to you.”

Trump, a known germaphobe, was reportedly disgusted at the thought of using Christie’s own cell phone for the conversation with Obama — and responded with such anger. The book also describes Trump as having sat down to “absorb the gravity of what was happening,” and saw Christie’s statement as an intrusion.

While this is likely not the sole reason for Christie being pushed out of the administration, it was soon after that fateful offer that the NJ governor was removed from his role as head of the transition team. Read more at AOL.



  1. Christie is a DemocRat who calls himself a Republican. I’m sure Trump was under a lot of conservative pressure to get rid of the guy. Germaphobia has nothing to do with it.


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