Report: Hezbollah Intends Maritime Siege In Next War



Hezbollah has a stock of advanced sea-to-sea missiles which it intends to impose a maritime siege on Israel if the two sides enter another war, Lebanese media outlets reported.

According to the reports, Hezbollah apparently has an arsenal of sophisticated Russian-made Yakhont sea-to-sea missiles, which were recently transferred from Russia to Syria as part of an arms deal between the two countries. Moscow has also allegedly transferred more advanced S-300 anti-aircraft batteries to Syria. It is possible that some of these have been transferred to Hezbollah.

In the case of a war with Israel, the report said, Hezbollah intends to target Israeli and foreign vessels inside Israel’s territorial waters.

One senior Hezbollah official said, “The organization has modern long-range missiles and advanced weapons systems that alter strategic balance between Israel and Hezbollah.”

Meanwhile, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has also reportedly confirmed that his Shiite terrorist organization has advanced long-range land-to-land missiles capable of hitting any point in Israel, including strategic facilities and infrastructure.

An Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander also confirmed hundreds of missiles with ranges of 250 to 350 kilometers (160 to 220 miles) ranges were provided to Hezbollah.


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  1. Russia supplies Syria, Lebanese media reports that Hezbollah has the means to enforce a blockade on Israel ,the Middle East is on fire and everyone is occupied how to plan the destruction of Israel, who is financing all these activities ? Is the world blind ? deaf ?,I think is mute also .


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