Report: Iran Launches Monkey Into Space


monkeyIran has successfully launched a live monkey into space, the state news agency IRNA said on Monday, touting it as an advance in a missile and space program that has alarmed the West and Israel.

There was no independent confirmation of the report, which quoted a defense ministry statement. It said the launch coincided “with the days of” the Muslim Prophet’s birthday last week but gave no date.

IRNA said the monkey was sent into space on a Kavoshgar rocket. The rocket reached a height of more than 120 km (75 miles) and “returned its shipment intact”, IRNA reported.

The Islamic Republic’s state-run, English-language Press TV said the monkey was retrieved alive.

Iran announced plans in 2011 to send a monkey into space, but that attempt was reported to have failed.

Western powers are concerned that the long-range ballistic technology used to propel Iranian satellites into orbit could be used to launch nuclear warheads. Tehran denies such suggestions and says its nuclear activity is for peaceful energy only.

Source: MSNBC

{ Newscenter}


  1. They think it’s still the Cold War, I wasn’t around yet when Russia sent that dog to the moon, but I’m assuming there was a similar headline at the time
    Dear Khomeini and Ahmedinejad,
    I hate to break it to you but the cold war is over, why don’t you become the second country to send someone to the moon, and the first to country to send your leaders to the moon, and all of us will pray that you don’t come back alive, to spare you even worse Gehinnom than what’s already in store for you hopefully soon, and and you country will rejoice because maybe they will actually then have human leaders.

    Your enemy, a proud Jew


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