Report: Iran Will Promise UN Not to Seek Bomb


iran-vice-president-mohammad-reza-rahimiA news agency says Iran plans to submit a written promise to the United Nations that it will not seek nuclear weapons.  

The report by the semi-official Mehr news agency quotes Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi as saying, “Iran plans to declare in the U.N. that it will never go after nuclear bombs. ”

Rahimi did not say when the promise would be delivered.

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{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Yeah Right! Another one of their lies! We are not developing a nuclear bomb. So what if all the satellites have pictures of our reactors, don’t you already know it’s another one of our lies?

  2. Oh, well, I suppose if they promise then everything is alright.

    In all seriousness, important matters such as this need to be coupled with verifiable assurances. Like permanent UN monitoring units.


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