Report: Pollard to Go Free on Pesach?


pollardSources close to the White House told Reuters today that the US is offering the release of Jonathan Pollard in exchange for the fourth batch of terrorists that were set to be released Motzoei Shabbos – and a possible release date has been set for mid-April.

If true, the long-hoped-for freedom of Pollard – who has been held captive in the US on spying charges since 1987 – will fall out around Pesach, which falls on April 15 this year.

The news contradicts reports earlier this week, when the White House restated Wednesday that it has no intentions to free Pollard, after reports suggested the US was offering to release him in order to pressure Israel into going through with the last terrorist release and continuing peace talks. The report today by the Reuters news agency was denied by the White House, which said that “nothing had changed” in its refusal to pardon Pollard.

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  1. right. the US refuses to release ONE prisoner
    While Israel should release hundreds(!)

    Maybe we should organize an antifada

  2. wow ! whomever thought Israel would be doing a prisoner exchange with the United states.I hope this is true even though I am against releasing terrorists , i feel this would be worth it to free a breathing YID

  3. All of a sudden he’s no longer a threat to national security? Release him now, with a full presidential pardon, and keep the murderers behind bars!

  4. I think we should do the exchange. One Pollard for one terrorist.
    It’s only when Israel releases hundreds of terrorists for two dead bodies, that makes Israel an easy target for uneven releases.
    You give us one, we give you one.

    Talk to the hand…..


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