Report: Trump Backs Two State Solution If Israelis, Palestinians Agree


The White House does not believe that President Donald Trump’s imminent announcement recognizing Yerushalayim as Israel’s capital will derail his administration’s efforts to achieve a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, a senior official said Wednesday.

The official added that Trump was prepared to continue backing a two-state solution if both sides can come to such an agreement. Read more at i24NEWS.



  1. Until Israel’s leadership stops the toeiva yearly Jerusalem parade and the chillul shabbos of 225 stores open in Jerusalem,there won’t be any recognition of jerusalem belonging to Israel. The israeli atheistic government wants to drive out the chareidi population which is one third of Jerusalem. By making it the recognized capital it would bring in staff of various countries who are not jewish or secular Israelis. This would mean building more non kosher Resterants and chillul shabbos with pork stores. This is all part of the tzionims ideas of modernizing and secularizing chareidim. It won’t happen. Because once violence escelates just as it did with the metal detecters at the har habayis,the Usa will pull back and do nothing. Violence speaks louder than words. It is not a coincidence that even the secular leftist government officials seek making Jerusalem its capital by the likes of Lapid. Their motivation is to scatter the chareidim and make Jerusalem into another Tel Aviv. They want open orthodox and reform to run the Kossel area. They want big buildings built like every capital in the world. They want shabbos to be a shopping day with malls open. This is their goal. Chareidim must expand their activities to fight as religious Jews against atheism. Its not enough to live and let live. Chareidi rabbinim should distribute kugel on Highways and roads to secular Jews in order to be mekariv them. Once a month every chareidi should move his shabbos table into the street and invite fellow secular neighbors. All the streets should be full of zmeiros. We must fight on all fronts. Plus every chareidi should carry cards from outreach groups like Aish hatorah,Arachim and others directing secular youth to go learn about their heritage. We must fight this war on all sides. We can not remain silent. If we live with passion for Torah ideals we would not see so many youngsters being robotic yidden. Let’s get to work. Speak to your Rav. Hatlacha to Matzav as being a true voice of Torah Jewry. Keep up the good work. Also in America don’t forget to filter your phones but you can leave open Matzav for Torah true news. I did that last week with the TAG truck that came to Landaus Shul. Hatzlacha.

    • To comment #1 – Anonymous,

      Your comment losses importance when you hide behind “Anonymous”. Identify yourself so that you show the readers that you are serious.


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