Report: Unlicensed Driver Killed Turda Rov

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flatbushThe NY Daily News reports: A Brooklyn man was arrested after running over a Holocaust survivor and killing him, police said Thursday. The driver, 27, was cruising westbound on Avenue J in Midwood about 7:45 p.m. Wednesday when 82-year-old Rav Moshe Adler stepped into the crosswalk at E. Ninth St., police said. The driver plowed into the octogenarian, who was visiting from Hungary, with his 2008 Honda sedan – tossing him into the street, cops and witnesses said.

“He crossed quickly to avoid the bus and that’s when the car hit him,” said Isaac Grossman, 47, who had just dropped the elderly man off across the street. “He didn’t see the car coming.”

Rav Adler was taken to Lutheran Hospital, where he died hours later.

“I feel very sad that Rabbi Adler had to go this way,” said his long-time friend Chana Lowy, 62. “We’re going to miss him terribly.”

The driver, who lives blocks away from the deadly crash, was later arrested and charged with driving without a license.

Still, Rav Adler’s friends expressed sympathy for the driver.

“I feel terrible for the driver,” Lowy said. “The driver probably didn’t see him and [Rav Adler] couldn’t move quickly.

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  1. this is the second unlicensed driver to kill someone in the last few months. it is beyond reason why unlicensed driving is tolerated

  2. Foolish Liberal. Why tears and sympathy for a person driving without a license. Shame on the unlicensed driver and his defenders. Regardless if he did or didn’t see the Rov.

    The Bartunura says on “Havay dun es kul odom l’kaf zechus”, that it only applies if the person is not a rusha. A person who drives without a license is L’halacha a Rodef and a Poshea.


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