Van Strikes Crowd Outside Mosque In London; One Person Arrested


Police said early Monday that there were “a number of casualties” and that one person was arrested after a van struck a crowd of pedestrians in London.

The incident occurred just after midnight in the northern part of the city, near the Finsbury Park Mosque. Police said they had closed the adjacent roadway in both directions and were dealing with “a major incident.”

Early witness reports suggested that pedestrians had been struck as they left late-night prayers for the month of Ramadan.

Video posted on social media showed people screaming as bystanders performed chest compressions on one of the injured, and another man held a bloody cloth to his head.

Helicopters buzzed overhead, and ambulances and police cars raced to the scene.

The incident follows two recent terrorist attacks in London in which vehicles have been used as weapons, both on bridges for the Thames River.

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  1. According to the anti-gun nazis’ logic: all vans are to be added to the strictly verboten list, as it is objects that kill – not people.


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