Rick Perry: After Obama, ‘Americans Are Starving for Leadership’



Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry slammed President Barack Obama’s foreign policy efforts on Wednesday, saying that “Americans are starving for leadership that will act and solve the great challenges we face today.”

“Leadership that isn’t ashamed to see America lead the world again and that stands with its allies again,” said Perry, who served as the Lone Star state’s top Republican from 2000 to earlier this year. “This is the view we must tirelessly protect.

“This is the view the world needs to see,” Perry added. “And this is the view I’ll be sharing with Americans as I continue to travel this country.”

Perry, 65, who is considering a run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, outlined his foreign policy agenda in a video released to Newsmax by his RickPAC organization.

The former governor attacked Obama’s lack of leadership on the global stage – and he imagined how America’s enemies and allies viewed this nation amid the vacuum.

“As someone who believes America is the greatest force for freedom and prosperity in the world, it’s frustrating to see the president shuffle from one crisis to the next, and to hear his words ring hollow when there should be unwavering resolve,” Perry said.

“But let’s step back for a minute and imagine the view from the outside, imagine how the president’s weakness and fecklessness are received by both our friends and our enemies.”

Read more at NEWSMAX.

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  1. Perry was the leader in making Texas the greatest force for cronyism and corporate welfare in America along with the greatest source of Americans traveling to Mexico for medical care. Just imagine what he would do for America.


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