Rockefeller Stands by Obama Race Remark


sen-jay-rockefellerBy Burgess Everett

Sen. Jay Rockefeller may no longer fear the political consequences of charging the GOP with opposing President Barack Obama’s agenda because he’s the “wrong color.”

But he might be alone in that.

On Thursday, no Democrats publicly rushed to back Rockefeller’s assertion that Obama has met legislative resistance because of his race, a remark that sparked an emotional debate Wednesday with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) over whether opposing the president and his health-care law amounted to being “racist.”

Staring down his retirement after 30 years in the Senate and often relegated to a wheelchair because of a bad knee, Rockefeller chose his words carefully Thursday speaking to a pair of reporters. He didn’t use the word “race” or “color” when asked to clarify his remarks – but he refused to back away from his core assertion.

“People oppose things for a variety of reasons. That’s all you’re going to get from me,” Rockefeller said of his “wrong color” comment. “It’s a part of life. And it is a part of American life and world life and it’s a part, just a part, of why they oppose absolutely everything that this president does. It’s basically for political reasons, they do that. But at some point you can’t exclude other factors … as they say, everything is on the table.”

Rockefeller said he’d never discussed the subject with the president.

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  1. With Obama, it is all about race 24/7. Matters of great importance to this our national and economic security have often taken a back seat to contrived race-related matters

  2. The pocket jewel is not an answer to the smile of tomorrow. If the future is such that we have more retaliation for that which is not a crime, no one can really sleep with true solemn hope. But this is a criminal cadence from a few who hate to see that a black president is their commander in chief. Nay sayers should beware of adult criticism.

  3. Anonymous I don’t think anyone knows what are are trying to say, including you, but nevertheless, the Dems putting Obama into office was with that exact idea of implementing any and all policy and daring anyone to disagree with a black president. Otherwise you’ll be called a racist. That’s why racism is at its height with this black president in office.

  4. Obama has caused a tremendous amount of damage to the U.S. Political world opinion of the U.S. has been severely damaged. He is clearly the worst president since Jimmy Carter.


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