Day 50 of Protective Edge: Rocket Strikes Ashkelon Home, 6 Lightly Wounded; Interception Over Tel Aviv Area


gaza-rocketSix people were lightly wounded from glass shards when a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit a home in Ashkelon on Tuesday morning. Among the wounded are three children ranging from 5 to 8, Ynet reports.

The family members inside the home, parents and two children aged 14 and 17, were on their way to the protected space when the rocket hit, and were unharmed.

Sirens sounded throughout the Tel Aviv Metropolitan area as well, including in Tel Aviv, as Gaza terrorists fired several rockets from the Strip at the Shfela and the country’s center. Iron Dome intercepted one rocket over the Tel Aviv area. Shortly after, alarms were activated in the Gaza-border communities and two rockets exploded outside a community in Eshkol. No injuries were reported.

Ynet reported that Hamas’ armed wing claimed responsibility for the attack, announcing that it “fired R160 rockets at Haifa and 4 M75 rockets at Tel Aviv, in response to attacks on multi-story buildings.” Meanwhile, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit reported that IDF troops struck 15 terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip.

{ Israel}


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