Romney at the White House


obama-romneyMitt Romney was officially in the White House.

The former Republican presidential candidate pulled up to the West Wing of the White House in a black SUV this afternoon for private talks with his election opponent-their first meeting since they duked it out on the national stage.

Inviting Romney to lunch was not just the president’s way of extending a post-election olive branch, it’s a bipartisan gesture that will hopefully inspire Republican cooperation on the contentious fiscal cliff.

Obama’s not the only one looking to get something out of this meeting. After failing to win the White House for his party, Mitt’s ready to start rebuilding his political career.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Didn’t he say that he won’t be running for elective office again? What kind of career could he have – lobbyist? He’s got a quarter of a billion (that’s BILLION) dollars aleady. What does he need more money for?


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