Romney: Hillary Clinton Is a ‘Creature of Washington’



Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Turning to Sunday’s announcement of a presidential bid by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said on Fox News Sunday that Clinton is a “creature of Washington” who doesn’t offer any new blood.

“She’s been there a long time,” he said, pointing to Clinton’s comment she hasn’t driven a car in18 years because she has been driven by Secret Service and other security.

Besides, he said, “Hillary Clinton is just not trustworthy.”

Clinton’s story of erasing all her emails from her time as secretary of state is making people remember that “with the Clintons it’s always something,” he said.

Her real challenge, he said, will be trying to run away from foreign policy.

“The Clinton-Barack Obama foreign policy has really been a bust,” he said. Read more.

{ Newscenter}


  1. She could take to her campaign right from Bill’s playbook:

    “The key to success in politics is sincerity.if you could fake that,you have it made”

  2. Hillary is no different than Barack. She is a peddler the same radical left wing nonsense that Barack has been foisting upon the American people for the past seven years.

  3. “radical left wing nonsense that Barack has been foisting upon the American people”

    Yeah, doubling the stock market, cutting the budget deficit by 2/3, cutting unemployment by 40% are all nonsense. May we have more such nonsense!


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