Romney: Obama Letter To Khamenei ‘Enormous Error’


Mitt Romney MichiganMitt Romney slammed President Barack Obama on Friday for reaching out to Iran in the fight against Islamic State militants, calling the president’s recent letter to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei “astonishing” and “an enormous error.”

“I was frankly stunned that the president of the United States would write a letter of that nature and in effect, legitimize a nation and a leadership which is violating international norms and is threatening the world,” the 2012 Republican presidential candidate told the audience of the Israeli American Council’s inaugural national conference at the Washington Hilton.

“To suggest that we might somehow work together is something which is so far beyond the pale, I was speechless as I heard about it,” Romney said. “I simply can’t understand it.”

Romney’s comments follow news that Obama wrote a letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader as the deadline for a nuclear deal at the end of month draws closer,

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  1. Hey Mittens, you’re a big sissy. When you were “allegedly” running for President, you never criticized Obama because you were petrified of being called a “Racist”. So why are you now criticizing Obama now? You are an immature baby. Please get a life and leave us all alone already.

  2. Obama does not care.
    He ruined America’s healthcare
    Let in all the immigrants gratis
    Threw his allies under the bus
    The economy is in shambles
    USA is the laughing stock of the world
    Throwing Israel away so he can suck up to ayatollah
    Ruining the world. No common sense
    Worst president ever.
    Hope we can undo his damage
    Hashem should watch over us
    republican all the way

  3. Scary but not hard to predict what is gonna be here..
    It just does not make any sense.
    That guy there has an agenda and a goal he wants to reach before he leaves the oval office. figure it yourself….. spooky!!!


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