Ron Paul: Son Rand Looks Like He’s Running for President


ron-paul3Former Rep. Ron Paul has upped the ante on his son’s presidential aspirations, telling Newsmax TV on Monday that he thinks Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky will seek the 2016 Republican nomination.

“He’s acting like he’s a potential candidate,” Ron Paul, a 12-term Texas congressman, told “The Steve Malzberg Show.”

He added that a lot of people have “put pressure on Rand” to throw his hat into the ring.

Ron Paul, a two-time Republican presidential candidate and the presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party in 1988, added that there is a lot of guessing in high-stakes Washington politics.

“I know – a couple of times I did it,” Paul said, noting that even when he was on the fence, there were some people who would say, “He’ll do it, he’ll do it.”

Read more at NEWSMAX.

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  1. America under Rand Paul would be One nation under Passion Eliminated. This guy is like a chapter 7 for his own grief. Disgusting.

  2. “Anyone better than Obama.”

    Only someone ignorant of the Paul family’s history and policies could ever say that.


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