Rov Of Schneider Hospital: Anorexics Must Eat On Yom Kippur


Anorexia patients must eat on Yom Kippur, even if they are in advanced stages of treatment, Schneider Hospital’s Rabbi Dr. Tomer Mevorach said.

In an article published by the Zomet Institute, Dr. Mevorach explained that anorexia is actually a psychological disorder which reduces food intake, influences body weight, and is characterized by a fear of gaining weight and an obsession with body weight.

According to Dr. Mevorach, anorexic patients fall under the category of “mentally ill for one issue,” and their therapy includes both the physical and mental aspects. Therefore, patients in this stage are considered “ill and in danger of their lives” and there is no question they should eat. Eating “not via mouth” is not forbidden on Yom Kippur, but it is also not required unless there is a medical reason for it. Eating small amounts at a time should be seriously considered, since there may be physical and mental consequences to such a decision.

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