Rupert Murdoch: Why Is Jewish-Owned Media So Anti-Israel?


rupert-murdochRupert Murdoch’s latest bid at stirring up controversy on Twitter had the media world scratching its head Saturday night. As the Israel/Gaza conflict headed to a fifth day, the newspaper mogul expressed frustration at coverage of the crisis in characteristically incendiary style:

Rupert Murdoch @rupertmurdoch

Why Is Jewish owned press so consistently anti- Israel in every crisis?

November 18, 2012 1:19 am via Twitter

It is unclear who the resolutely pro-Israel Murdoch was referring to, though earlier in the day he took issue with specific outlets:

Rupert Murdoch @rupertmurdoch

Middle East ready to boil over any day. Israel position precarious. Meanwhile watch CNN and AP bias to point of embarrassment.

November 17, 2012 10:38 pm via Twitter

Reaction to the “Jewish-owned” tweet was swift.

Media critic Jack Shafer tweeted: “Counting down until he deletes or revises.”

New Yorker political reporter Ryan Lizza tweeted, simply, “Wow.”


  1. This is the guy who owns Fox News. This is the guy who claims “We report, you decide,” yet he wants to know why news outlets don’t bias their reporting.

    Not to mention being confused about the difference between Egypt and Gaza.

    This is the guy who had to close his London newspaper because it was being investigated for hacking the cell phone of a murdered teen girl so they could con the family into thinking she was still alive and thus sell more papers.

    Remember all this the next time you watch Fox News.

  2. “The NYTimes (may their end come soon) is owned by a Jewish family”

    It is controlled by a family that had some Jewish ancestors. None of them are Jewish today.

    Ditto the Washington Post.

    I’m actually unaware of any major media companies in the US that are Jewish-owned. Murdoch may be losing it.

    And it goes without saying that had any liberal said anything like this, we’d be demanding his head. Why do anti-Semitic canards from the right get a pass?

  3. In Yiddish they say “Oif Der Ganav Brent Di Hitel” on the (head of the) thief burns the hat”

    Just look at the reaction, from it, you see how true is the statement he made! unfortunately!


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