Rush: Hillary is a Bigot


Rush Limbaugh, on his program today on the EIB Network, landed a hard blow on Hillary Clinton, a day after she lost the New Hampshire primary to a boy from Brooklyn, Bernie Sanders.

“Do you know that Bernie Sanders is the first Jewish candidate to win a major presidential primary?” said Limbaugh. “Hillary Clinton tried to stop the first African-American from being elected president. Now she’s trying to stop the first Jewish-American from being elected president. What a bigot!”



  1. Rush makes an excellent point. We all know, if it was the other way around (a Republican) the media/Al Sharpton/ADL would be shouting from the roof tops demanding a resignation.

  2. Ridiculous. She’s not trying to stop a Jewish man from being elected, and she wasn’t trying to stop an African-American from being elected – she was and is trying to get elected herself.

    She’s dishonest, selfish, and careless with national security, but calling her a bigot based on who she runs against is pure rhetoric with no basis in truth.

  3. The governor is correct the fact is clear she the mahashefa is big bigot. I cannot in good conscious support her. I hope you understand..

  4. Limbaugh did not even graduate college. Who would be so queer to listen to ideas about his inhuman tune. Very hacked by hate.

    Lazy people congregate!