Rush Limbaugh Blasts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: “Just Write a Check”


limbaugh-rushConservative radio host Rush Limbaugh says people who are participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge are getting it wrong and doing it “backwards.”

“This is a- backwards. What you ought to do – and I’m thinking of doing this – just make a video of writing a check to ALS and holding it up. The point is, either donate or drop the bucket,” Limbaugh said Monday on his radio program, according to a transcript.

Limbaugh sought to clarify the viral charity challenge, which he acknowledged has raised a lot of money. However, he questioned whether participants are supposed to be dunked with buckets of ice water or donate.

“But you know me, I mean, I’m a student of the language, and I am a man of precision, and I looked at the ice bucket challenge, and it is not worded in such a way that you dump ice on your head and then send them a check. It’s one or the other,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh said notable names who have already taken part in the challenge such as Bill Gates are “trying to out-genius everybody in how they get dunked.”

Nevertheless, Limbaugh said he will donate money, but isn’t sure he can get soaked with ice water because of due to cochlear implants.

“I’d have to take them off, obviously, … and then I don’t know what three people I would name. I don’t know three people to name,” he said, referring to the fact that each person who accepts the ice bucket challenge must then challenge three other people to take the challenge.


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  1. I happen to agree with Rush on this one. This is all part of the dumbing down of this once great Country. Everything has to be for the camera. Everything has to be turned into fun and games. Nothing is serious anymore.

  2. #3, those are my thoughts exactly. I’m happy so much money was raised for a good cause, but I don’t get the ice bucket challenge. So silly! I’m all for having fun, but this one is over the top.

  3. last year in this period they raised 2.5 million this year 79 million


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