Rush Limbaugh: Obama State Of The Union Speech Full Of ‘Bold-Faced Lies’


rush-limbaughDespite saying he “really liked” parts of President Barack Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh criticized what he called “bold-faced lies” in the speech.

“I disagreed with everything the president said pretty much, in terms of his policies,” Limbaugh said. “I disagreed with everything he said, but it was a great speech. I liked the speech and you know what I really liked? I liked that part where he said that we all have to get along and work together to help people. I really liked that. That really scored with me.”

After giving rare praise to the president, Limbaugh attacked Obama’s comments that the Affordable Care Act “is helping to slow the growth of health care costs.”

“The Obama claim that the Affordable Care Act is already slowing health care costs? … It’s just another bald-, bold-faced lie,” Limbaugh said. “The truth of the matter is that Obamacare has not even been fully implemented! How can you give credit to Obamacare for slowing health care costs when it’s yet to be enacted?”

Limbaugh did admit that “in a couple of isolated areas you can see where health care costs a little bit less,” but gave credit to the recession.

“It has nothing to do with Obama,” Limbaugh said.


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  1. Even when he was saying he liked the speech it was satiric. He was trying to point out how a low informed voter would react. For example, “We should all get along”, sounds great. But at the same time Obama calls the Republicans the enemy and engages in extreme partisan politics, not exactly acting like someone who want to get along.

  2. The fact that this site and other frum sites are so obviously prejudiced against Obama is harmful and dangerous to the Jewish People. You are welcome to have your opinions but don’t just skewer the news so that naive and gullible people who have no sophisicated understand are filled with paranoia and think the goyim are coming to make another Holocaust. Rush Limbaugh is a highly paid entertainer, not a reproter. No one ever knew what Walter Cronkeit personally believed, but everyone knows that Rush is anti Democrats and gets rich because of his entertaining skills.

  3. Mr. Oberstein, give Matzav a break. They are listening to their Rebbe. When they will choose a more yiddishe derech, the tone and everything will change. I hope it will be soon.

  4. I agree fully with L. Oberstein, #3. To #4, I don’t know which Rebbe you’re referring to. However, I do know that the frum media all over is so overtly anti Obama, it’s scary. Sometimes they just pick on some minor issue and blow it up so Obama looks bad. NOT SMART as L. Oberstein states. Also, the frum world follows and quotes Rush Limbaugh like they’re unthinking zombies, which they are! I don’t agree with Obama and I agree with Rush alot of the time, but this exaggerated hatred of Obama and this exaggerated worship of Rush is too much!

  5. when will people learn that Rush is a talented marketing person. he knows how to package a product and deliver it. he was a 2nd rate PR guy for a 3rd rate baseball team yet his opinion is held in high regard by all. he is full of contradictions.

    It does the Jewish conservative a big disservice to keep quoting “R’Rush” and “R’Sean” and “R’Mark” and “R’Michael” – these are all showmen in it for the money!


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