Ryan: FBI Will Hand Over Documents Related To Trump-Russia Dossier


The FBI has pledged to hand over documents related to a controversial dossier linking President Trump to Russia, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said on Thursday.

The House Intelligence Committee has been seeking the documents for months, hoping to learn more about the bureau’s relationship to the dossier’s author, a former British spy named Christopher Steele, and whether the document was used by federal investigators to bolster their probe into ties between Russia and the Trump campaign.

“The FBI got in touch with us yesterday afternoon, and they have informed us that they will comply with our document requests, and that they will provide the documents Congress has been asking for by next week,” Ryan said at his weekly news conference.

“And we expect the FBI to honor that commitment.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Pretty boy Chris Wray is as corrupt as they come. He is beholden to the DNC and is petrified of Adam Schiff. He will do NOTHING to damage the Democrats. He is a useful idiot for Loretta Lynch and the girls. Trump has lied to the voters. Not only has he NOT drained the swamp, he’s dug it even deeper! He’s got to go.


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