Sandy Victim To Obama: Where Have You Been?


obama3President Obama, touring parts of New York City slammed by Hurricane Sandy, was chided by a girl for ignoring the disaster.

As the president waded through a supply center, a girl who was waiting for goods told a reporter, “We need help–he should of been here a long time ago,” according to the White House pool report.

Obama has received little criticism for the federal government’s handling of the disaster which is still crippling areas of New York where many families remain homeless or without power.

Read the pool report:

Potus visited a FEMA and SBA disaster tent as a loud crowds of about a 100 locals looked on and yelled for his attention, as well as a tent holding boxes of toiletries, as well cans of soup. (Campbell’s was well represented) and boxed food to victims of Sandy.

Pooler got to talk with a girl who was getting some supplies. She said her house was on the beach but “it’s gone.” She laughed and said it’s “still standing…” but they can’t live in it. They’re living [with] family.

She said of the president:

“We need help–he should of been here a long time ago.”

A young hispanic man who just met the president said he “lost everything; I lost my job.”

“Thanks so much,” he said he wanted to say to the president.

From what pool could see through the windows in the tent, Potus shook hands, hugged a few folks and chatted.

He offered consoling words to a few local residents.

To a few volunteers who said they were from Texas, West Virginia and other states, Potus said:

“We got the whole country represented here…we’re proud of you guys.”

“Having young people like you guys involved” in helping out it “tremendous,” the president told some FEMA Corps volunteers.


{ Newscenter}


  1. Bamby, Bamby, Bamby!
    I shudder to think about the next four years! Actually this hurricaine was Bush’s fault! Obamby just inheritted it!
    Oh Bamby!
    Vey Iz Tzu Mir!

  2. And this was the guy who called off his campaign while he flew to NJ to see the damage while his opponent stayed out in the Middle West trying to round up the swing states.

    No wonder he won. And no wonder the little girl was miffed – if he could go to New Jersey why couldn’t he come to her block? Compare his record with his predecessor’s score on Katrina. (Remember, he was on vacation and couldn’t be bothered.) She expects a President who is involved with the majority of people, she just doesn’t understand that there are so many people!


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