Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thrown Out of Virginia Restaurant


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was thrown out of a Virginia restaurant Friday night after the owner took issue with her role as “Trump’s mouthpiece.”

In a morning tweet, Sanders said she “politely left” the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington after the owner asked her to leave “because I work for POTUS.”

“Her actions say far more about her than about me,” Sanders wrote.

The incident prompted a social media uproar when it was first reported by Jaike Foley-Schultz, a Lexington man who said he works at the restaurant and witnessed Sanders being ejected. “My owner threw her out because she didn’t want the mouthpiece of Trump to eat in her restaurant,” Foley-Schultz wrote on Facebook, adding that seven of Sanders’ family members had left with her. The owner of the restaurant has yet to comment on the incident. Read more at Twitter.


  1. Wonder where all the outrage is from the liberal media? Oh I forgot that is reserved for people with values who refuse to serve the deviant communities

  2. I hope that this owner is refused service in restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, department stores, doctors’ offices, bowling alleys, hotels, motels, auto repair shops, clothing stores and any other type of store, service establishment, hospitality place and so on that exists. Refusing service to someone simply because you don’t like the president they work for is disgusting – whether they’re Democrat or Republican – and she deserves payback in kind.

  3. If the Supreme Court ruled that a Baker can refuse to sell to a customer based on their beliefs and lifestyle, a restaurant owner can refuse to serve an individual based on her political affiliation. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

    • The Supreme Court rules in favor of baker who would’ve needed to go against his RELIGIOUS beliefs, not political beliefs you dingbat! Liberals hear only what they want to hear.

  4. it is high time we stand up for the respect TO THE office of the President of the US . i dont have twitter and all these things. STEP #1 this restauranteer should be made miserable …Do not to patronize his place #2 people should keep going in and antagonize him for showing such disrespect etc etc and so on with others who act such disrespectful way to the office of us pres….so everybody who is in agreemrnt think of this send e-mails, twitter etcto all your addresses.. remember, EVIL TRIUMPS BECAUSE GOOD MEN SIT BY idly. Lets make a movement and fight back!! Let people, groups learn that insulting, terrorizing etc the office of the US or the president comes witrh a price!!!. let the silent majority be heard. do not take our freedom for granted, it is only a minority of evil pople who gaind upper hand thruout the ages because of EVIL TRIUMPS ….

  5. In the meantime some genius hacked the menu of this restaurant.
    Hopefully all who are with Trump will avoid this restaurant. Let them feel it in their pockets.

  6. Sarah and her family are very lucky that they asked her to leave. The leftist villains in the restaurant could have tampered with their food and suicided her and her family. This should be a lesson for all conservatives and others not to step into this dangerous restaurant.

  7. To anonymous: the Supreme Court rules in favor of baker who would’ve needed to go against his RELIGIOUS beliefs, not political

    • Dear 11:01am ignoramus, the baker did not refuse service to the toeivniks – the weirdos were welcome to purchase any product from a bakery shelf; the baker refused to perform an active act of acknowledging a toeiva “marriage” throughout creating a custom “wedding” cake.

  8. Anonymous is a dumb liberal I have no problem with what’s good for the geese,…. however the liberals have no tolerance for others with different beliefs and they make a stink about it that being the case they should be obligated to serve those they don’t like

  9. Let’s take it easy. OK, it wasn’t nice. I can agree to that. But to give it the headline, “Thrown Out” is a bit overboard. She was not thrown out. She was asked to leave. There is a big difference, And honesty in reporting is important.

  10. let them feel MORE than with just thier pocKets. things are going too far. g-d forbid soon the pres will not be able to do his job because of the rishus of the minority who want to bring the pres and following this OUR great beloved country of ours DOWN.

    PLEASE EVERYBODY! ITS TIME FOR ACTION S ee what jay furst says jun 24, 11 28
    this is SERIOUS BUSINESS anybody who is in the vicinty of a individual ,individuals whe are out to desroy our beautiful freedoms..must FEEL they will not get a free ride

  11. Deja vu of קמצא ובר קמצא
    Certainly this will cause an effect in some way or another. He didn’t merely send her out, he humiliated her and her family with her.

  12. I dont think this establishment deserves to operate.

    On moral grounds, if a business owner is willing to throw out an individual based off their ideology they shouldn’t be permitted to service the public because after all, a restaurant is a public space and you can be fined for violating human rights especially when ones open for business for the general public.

    • I agree. Its not very different from refusing to serve someone because they’re Christian, Jewish or Moslem, except that religious discrimination is illegal while this similar type of discrimination is not.


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