Satellite Images Confirm Iran In Possession Of Missiles That Can Reach “Far Beyond Europe”


iran-missilesIsraeli television broadcast what it said were the first satellite images seen in the West of a 27-meter (over 88-foot) missile on a launch pad in Tehran. A missile that large, the report claimed, could reach “far beyond Europe.”

The news report was broadcast by Israel’s Channel 2 Wednesday. According to the report, the missile is capable of launching a spacecraft – or carrying a conventional or non-conventional warhead great distances.

Channel 2 showed satellite images documenting Iran’s “very rapid progress” in the field of long-range missile manufacture. One photograph was of a site near Tehran, which the West has been aware of for two years now, where the Iranians are working on engines for long-range missiles.

The second photo, depicting the missile on its launch pad, was of a secondary site nearby, one the news channel said the West had not seen before.

The photographs were courtesy of the Eros B commercial Earth observation satellite, designed and built by Israel Aircraft Industries, and owned by Israeli firm ImageSat International. The Eros B was launched into orbit in 2006.

Israel has long been warning the West of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. It has publicly condemned any negotiations with Iran which would leave the Islamic Republic with the capability of enriching its own uranium. Iran maintains it wishes to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes, but this has not stopped its various officials from threatening to wipe Israel off the map over the years.

Read more at Breaking Israel News.

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  1. Oh come on. As I told Paul Ryan during our debate, the Iranians are no where close to producing any dangerous missiles. The Israelis love to exaggerate.

  2. #1: Notwithstanding your tongue-in-cheek statement, it is probably closer to the truth than you realize. Iran’s grand visions of military systems development has been plagued by one failure after another. Furthermore, the economic sanctions have taken their toll: Iran recently announced it was abandoning its space program due to high cost.


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