Satellite Signals Give Hope For Missing Argentine Submarine


Failed satellite calls that probably came from an Argentine navy submarine missing in the South Atlantic raised hopes that its 44 crew members are alive, but stormy conditions on Sunday complicated the search.

Boats searching for the German-built ARA San Juan on the ocean surface struggled against waves of up to 6 meters (20 feet), navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said. The submarine was 432 km (268 miles) off Argentina’s southern Atlantic coast when it sent its last communication early on Wednesday.

More than a dozen boats and aircraft from Argentina, the United States, Britain, Chile and Brazil have joined the effort.

Read more at REUTERS.



    • Well, let’s see. Hashem cared when the Mitzri’im were drowning in the Yam Suf. But I guess you just don’t want to emulate His Middos.


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