Saudi Scholar: Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street Characters Part of Jewish Plot to Destroy Humanity


sesame-streetIn a May 15, 2014 interview on Iqraa TV, Saudi scholar and former director of the channel Nabil Hammad described an alleged Jewish-Zionist conspiracy to destroy the moral values of humanity. Hammad claimed that characters on children’s shows, like Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street, were invented to advance these schemes. Following are excerpts from the interview:

Nabil Hammad: “What films have we produced in the Arab world? As we all know, people like watching movies.


“What animated films have we produced? A normal child, who has been watching TV from the age of two, has been assaulted by all kinds of films. How did the “sagging” pants fashion ever emerge? The men wear their pants so low that their private parts are exposed. This fashion originated on the Cartoon Network channel. The Cartoon Network aired a film showing the longest spit. What kind of education do we provide? It is not only the future generations of the Islamic world that are destroyed – the moral values of humanity are destroyed.

“When I worked as an instructor for the Saudi Airlines, I had a colleague named Duncan. He told me that he does not allow his children to watch Sesame Street. I found it strange. The show is very popular here. He said that Sesame Street peddles moral values that are inappropriate to civilized society.

“Take, for example, the character of Oscar the Grouch, who lives in a garbage can. Duncan said that he is a loathsome character, and he wouldn’t want him to serve as a role model for his children. Another example is the character of Cookie Monster. He eats like a slob. Even people raised on British culture oppose what is shown in the media, which destroys people’s moral values.


{ Newscenter}


  1. So right. Don’t teach your children to wear saggy pants, they should wear suicide bombs. Don’t eat like a slob, entice Jewish girls into marriage and beat them when they want to leave. Put your children where bombs will blow them up as a civilized people would, in order to tell the world how evil your enemy is. Claim that Israel never lived in Israel and that there was no holocaust, that will teach your children integrity.

    A crazy group of people following a crazy leader. And the obamas of the world nod their heads gravely and follow.


  2. LOL! This is hilarious. By the way, the low style wearing of trousers originates from inmates on jail. It is a calling card of sorts regarding availability and interest. One reason for jumpsuits as standard threads.
    Oscar as a role model…Too much! Great laugh!

  3. You don’t have to teach B’nei Esav or B’nei Ishmael how to behave poorly….those programs were simply a reflection of who they are

  4. Erev Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Shelach
    Time 4:50 PM Pacific Standard Time

    Of course, this particular accusation is a severe distortion of the facts, if not an outright lie. It is well known that the super famous cartoon character of Mickey Mouse was the creation of the very famous founder of the Disney world, Walter Elias Disney. In 1928, Mr. Disney and his closest associate, Ub Iwerks, developed what would become the leading symbol of their emerging massive enterprise. Part of the idea for the animated mouse came from that in 1925, one of the other associates at that time, Hugh Harman, took a photograph of Mr. Disney and drew around it some pictures of mice!

    (See and

    There is no mention that any of these people were Jewish.

  5. Erev Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Shelach
    Time 7:26 PM Pacific Standard Time

    (continuation of previous comment)

    The inital beginngs of the famous children’s television show “Sesame Street” came several decades later in 1966. The two key people who developed the concept and plans for the production were the prominent television producer Joan Ganz Cooney, and the vice president of the Carnegie Corporation and prominent experimental psychologist, Lloyd Newton Morrisett, Jr., PhD.

    Again, there is no mention that Dr. Morrisett was Jewish. Mrs. Cooney’s father was Jewish, but her mother was Catholic.  However, her manager — who was keenly part of the discussion of Mrs. Cooney and Dr. Morrisett that gave birth to the idea for an educationally oriented children’s TV presentation — was someone with a very Jewish sounding name, Lewis Freedman.

    (See and


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