Saudis To Give $100 Million To Palestinian Authority


saudi-king-abdullahSaudi Arabia will give the Palestinian government in the Israeli-occupied West Bank $100 million to help alleviate a worsening budget crisis, the Palestinian president’s office said today. President Mahmoud Abbas has struggled to convince Arab countries to deliver a $100 million monthly “safety net” they promised when he secured de facto UN recognition of a Palestinian state in November, prompting Israeli sanctions.

Abbas thanked Saudi Arabia, a longtime benefactor to his government, for the funds, which will be transferred imminently. “The state’s budget is facing a large deficit as a result of the docking of Palestinian money by the Israeli government as a punitive step after the UN recognition of Palestine as an observer state,” Abbas said in a statement. Read more here.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Good. Now that they have the money the Israeli government should demand payment for their electricity and water consumption and all other related services which until now was being payed by the taxes received from jews.


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