Scaramucci Doesn’t Think Trump Should Testify In Russia Probe


Short-lived White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said Sunday that President Trump should not say a word to special counsel Robert Mueller.

Scaramucci said Trump must turn down any request to testify before Mueller in his ongoing probes into Russian meddling in the presidential election and obstruction of justice.

“I actually don’t want him to testify,” Scaramucci told ABC’s “This Week,” “because as a lawyer, I don’t want him caught in a gotcha moment where somebody accuses him of lying where he may not remember something or something like that.”


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  1. He is right. If a similar situation would of arisen with Barack Obama, he would of NEVER testified! NEVER. Eric Holder would of immediately called those evil white Republicans R A C I S T S, and that would of been the end of the story. John Conyers, the disgraced pervert/pig, wouldn’t of even let a special prosecutor continue. Why is President Trump being treated differently?


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