Scaramucci: Report Trump Ordered Mueller Fired ‘Totally Irrelevant’ Because Trump Didn’t Fire Him


Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci slammed reports that President Trump attempted to fire special counsel Robert Mueller last year, saying they were “totally irrelevant” because Trump didn’t end up firing Mueller.

“It’s totally irrelevant because he didn’t fire Mueller,” Scaramucci said on CNN. “I find it very ironic that this information is coming out while he’s here in Davos, while he’s had great fanfare … [and] I would love to get a look at somebody like Steve Bannon’s phone records to see who he’s talking to and how this information is out there.”

“[The] second thing I will say is that the president talks to everybody,” he continued. “So this information apparently happened in June – why is it coming out right now like a big water balloon on the president when he’s having a fantastic trip here in Davos, meeting with world leaders and about to give a fantastic speech about global prosperity and global growth?”

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