SCHI Pre-Auction Events for Women


schiDue to construction, SCHI is will not be having its annual outdoor barbeque event. However, you can continue to support SCHI’s vital work, by participating in their Virtual Chinese Auction. Visit

There will also be neighborhood Pre-Auction Events for women, hosted by friends of SCHI:

  • Wednesday night, June 17, 8:00 PM, at the home of Mrs. Libby Katz, 13 Baila Blvd. (Whispering Woods)
  • Thursday night, June 18, at the home of Mrs. Chayale Kaufman, 24 High Street, Lakewood NJ
  • Monday night, June 22, at the home of Mrs. Faiga Leah Shayovitz, 1506 Tanglewood, Lakewood NJ
  • Wednesday night, June 24, at the home of Mrs. Aidel Diamant, 41 Canary Dr. (Somerset Walk), Lakewood NJ

SCHI, The School for Children with Hidden Intelligence, epitomizes the gold standard in services for special needs children and adults. Providing panoply of innovative programs for 230 students, SCHI’s dedicated teachers and therapists treat every student as a unique gem.

Help make a real difference in the lives of special needs children and adults, and allow SCHI to expand its facility to continue serving its growing student body. Visit now.

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