Schwarzenegger: Gang of Eight ‘Brought Chutzpah Back’


gov-arnold-schwarzeneggerFormer California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has given a ringing endorsement to the immigration bill crafted by the bipartisan Group of Eight senators.

The Hollywood star says he had hoped for action in the past.

“We all know this issue requires a comprehensive solution, but to do that takes a tremendous amount of courage, vision, compromise and leadership, which many members of Congress couldn’t muster,” he writes on Politico.

“Congress, we found out, suffered from a major chutzpah deficit.”

But that has changed, Schwarzenegger says. “We are so fortunate that now, a brave group of leaders has emerged. They reached across the aisle tirelessly. They worked together to come up with a solution. They brought the chutzpah back.”

And he’s pleased with the result. “Their bill addresses our border security,” Schwarzenegger writes. “It addresses the need to keep the brightest, most innovative workers and students here. And it addresses the millions already here illegally in a way that doesn’t give anyone a free pass.”

The Austrian émigré, who moved to the United States as a 21-year-old in 1968, says that “if the Gang of Eight is successful, we’ll confront the dangers of our border while reminding the world that we are still the shining city on the hill that captured my imagination and harnessed my dreams.”

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