Schweich Aide: GOP Spread Jewish Rumors



The former chief of staff of a Missouri Republican who killed himself two weeks ago said the state GOP chairman admitted to spreading rumors about her former boss. Trish Vincent worked for State Auditor Tom Schweich and said on Wednesday that John Hancock called her in December to seek her support for the chairmanship position.

“I told him at the time I could not support his chairmanship because he was telling people that Tom was Jewish. His response to me was, ‘I was, but I’m not anymore,'” she told to KTRS.

Since Schweich’s suicide, there have been allegations that Hancock sought to derail Schweich’s candidacy for the Republican gubernatorial nomination through a Jewish whisper campaign. Hancock denied Vincent’s allegation.

“Her claim that I acknowledged telling others Tom was Jewish is untrue. As I have said consistently, I have no recollection of discussing Tom’s religion with anyone,” he said in a statement. Previously, Hancock said he “may have” told people Schweich was Jewish. Read more at PoiticMo.

{Andy Newscenter}



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