Scott Walker Makes Twitter Math Mistake



Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), who is leading the GOP pack in some presidential polls, is apparently the type of leader who is ready for the 22nd century.

Today, a message was posted on Walker’s official Twitter page to commemorate the arrival of English settlers in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607.

While the message included the correct date, it mistakenly said the settlers’ arrival took place “505 years” ago.

This was off by 97 years.

Here’s a picture of the erroneous tweet:

Scott Walker tweetTwitter

That wasn’t the only problem with the tweet. The settlers arrived at Jamestown, which became the first permanent English settlement in the Americas on May 14, 1607. Walker’s message was posted a day early.

The tweet was not deleted, but Walker’s team posted a followup message.

The tweet didn’t include a signature indicated it was personally sent by Walker. Still, his rivals were quick to pounce on the error.

Eric Walker, the western regional press secretary for the Democratic Party, retweeted the post along with a message that seemed to mock the fact Walker never earned a college degree.

Eric Reif another Democratic Party operative asked, “What year do you think it is?”


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