Sean Hannity Finally Leaving New York


hannityIt’s finally official: conservative Fox News personality and radio host Sean Hannity is abandoning his tax-burdened home in New York City and taking his millions to a new castle in Florida. Hannity revealed the move in an interview Friday with Sen. Marco Rubio.

“You’re going to be my senator,” Hannity said. The popular rabble-rouser threatened to leave New York after Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo said that conservatives have “no place” in the state. Hannity also plans to have a ranch in Texas, and has listed his Long Island home for $3.6 million. Read more at Tea Party News Network.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Oey vey! What a terrible loss for NY! How can the rest of us survive without Vannity? I’m sure King Coumo is shaking in his boots, thinking, who’s next?

  2. All the wealthy residents of New York will leave the state to go to more tax-friendly states and New York will have a smaller tax base to work with. That means that there will be less money to around and NY will go broke just like Detroit, MI.

    Did you know that Detroit’s government is run by Democrats? There are no elected Republicans in Detroit and the State of Michigan is also run by Demorats. No wonder they’re broke.

    Think about this when you go to VOTE.

  3. Well, at least the guys who edit Matzav will be glad to see him find a more “convenient home”. After all, watching Hannity for more than 3 hours a week or a month is like throwing away all of your common friendships to monopolize the concerns for the entertainment of your own play subsidy against your own reform.

    Hannity is a criminal fool who hates Dignity, Discipline and Human Understanding of Values of True Authority.

    So if you like Hannity, have fun. I will be studying instead.

  4. Reply to #1 and #2
    You don’t have to agree with his politics, but he commands a multi million dollar salary which earns New York state millions in income tax.
    If he moves, you’ll still hear him on the radio but he will not be paying into Cuomo’s budget.
    There have been reports that NYS has lost a billion dollars in recent years in income tax to other states. I’m not saying you should believe every report, but millionaires leaving the state is not beneficial to the poor.

  5. Maybe Mr. Hannity will have a better day in the Florida Sun than the New York Popularity. He might find that the crabs in Florida are more to his prescription of his own crimes.

  6. Reply to #1 and #2

    This shows that respondents 1 and 2 don’t understand that his leaving is a sign that other high income residents are also leaving. What this means is less tax revenue for the state. Which in turn means more lower income residents left behind to make up the difference and, yes, higher taxes for all.

  7. Gey gezundteheit!

    And #8 X, you can be sure that most of his compensation is well sheltered from taxes. And,… to think that NYS collects millions in income tax from this one individual is preposterous.

  8. #2 has been quoted as saying Obama is in the top five Presidents of all time, so we see why Hannity is smart to get out of there.


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