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Sean Hannity: Gov. Cuomo, Stop Denying New Yorkers Hydroxychloroquine

Because of an executive order issued by the Democratic governor, any new prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine must go through the already overrun hospital system. This makes no sense.

Sources tell me that Cuomo has access to MILLIONS of doses of hydroxychloroquine right now. The federal government has tens of millions of doses and has made millions of doses available to the New York governor.

I live on Long Island and many doctors are telling me that they want to prescribe this medication to their patients who test positive for COVID-19 – the disease caused by the coronavirus – but do NOT need the patient to come to a hospital. However, Cuomo’s executive order forbids pharmacies from filling the prescriptions.

The governor is creating a much bigger crisis in his state’s hospital system by denying New Yorkers THE CHOICE (in consultation with their doctors) to take this potentially life-saving medication.

Many doctors believe hydroxychloroquine is the best treatment option available for their patients. Why is Cuomo denying these ill New Yorkers this medication?

Just a few days ago Dr. Mehmet Oz was a guest on my show. I asked Dr. Oz about a randomized trial done by the Chinese that supports the potential benefit of hydroxychloroquine to treat patients with COVID-19.

Dr. Oz told me: “This week when the controlled study came out, I thought there’d sort of be an embrace of it, because in only 62 patients they had statistically significant improvement with less fever, less coughing and improvement, significant improvement in pneumonia, all again statistically significant.

Dr. Oz added: “We should at least be opening our minds to this idea, especially when so many doctors choose it as their Number One option outside this country.”

It’s bad enough that Cuomo completely ignored the specific and clear recommendations of his own health care task force to purchase 15,783 ventilators that the task force said would be needed for a pandemic such as COVID-19. But now Cuomo is making the problem exponentially worse by forcing every patient testing positive for the coronavirus into the hospital system to get this pharmaceutical treatment.

This is a dereliction of duty. The governor is failing the people of New York AGAIN.

Release the medicine, Gov. Cuomo and let New Yorkers and their doctors decide! For some patients stricken with the coronavirus, this could be a matter of life and death.




  1. Exactly. This can be a matter of life and death.
    This drug, together with the antibiotic that make up the covid 19 therapy, can have serious life threatening cardiac side effects. It should not be taken without a doctor’s supervision.
    For the record, Cuomo announced testing of the drug in NYS on March 24, and NYS is at the forefront of testing other therapies as well, all with the governor’s approval and under his direction.

  2. Sean Hannity has spent weeks spreading lies and misinformation about the coronavirus. For weeks he downplayed it as a minor illness and compared it to the flu. Hannity told his listeners that the media was playing up the hype to damage Trump. Hannity is not a doctor, he is a political hack seeking political blood in a time of crisis. If he had an ounce of moral integrity he would hang his head in shame. His recklessness and bias have put people at risk and likely cost lives. Hannity is a danger to America.

  3. Terrible. I know a few people first hand that had significant improvement on this medication. If he is concerned about the small, small chance of heart issues, he should make it required for a patient to take it only with heart monitoring – but to ban the medication totally? a travesty

  4. Gov. Cuomo is guilty of murder. He is so blinded by his hatred of Trump, that he will allow thousands to die by not giving people the option of taking Hydroxychloroquine. There are so many people who can potentially be saved with hydroxychloroquine and dont have to be admitted to the hospital. I have a cousin who works as an ER Nurse and they are told DO NOT RESUSCITATE! Does it make Cuomo feel powerful by deciding peoples fate, Mengele Yimach Shemo was in the same position.

    • The fact that Cuomo is a rotziach is nothing new. He passed a law allowing “Mothers” to murder their babies even late term abortion. That wasn’t enough. He made the taxpayers fund the murder.

    • Severely unfortunately true observation!! What should we expect from such an extreme Rasha like him and the numerous other extreme Reshaim of the Democratic Party — more correctly the Totally-UN-Democratic Party — who jubilantly promote abortion up through and PAST birth and jubilantly promote the acceptance of all forms of Toeiva!!

    • Of course, we do not know all the “exact” reasons for why the wicked Cuomo and several other wicked Democratic governors and wicked officials in the FDA and numerous wicked journalists of the outlets of the (so-called) “mainstream” media callously and cruelly refuse to allow Hydroxychloroquine. However, one big realm of consideration that is probably in their twisted minds is that Hydroxychloroquine is a very “old” drug that was introduced a many decades ago to treat Malaria. As such, the legal patent that was on it is long expired and gone; therefore, with no patent on it, legally, ANY PERSON (yes, theoretically, even you or me!) IS ALLOWED TO MAKE IT! So as whoever now will manufacture it will not have a monopoly on it, he will not be able to charge an exorbitant amount for it.

      TRANSLATED, since there is now not a patent on it, that means that there is now not any big $$$$$$$$$ in it!!

      So, of course, the Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy Pharmaceutical Drug Industry must, at all times, be kept holy and solvent, so, at all times, all medical care must always be steered toward the “new” (patented) exorbitant priced medications and vaccines.

      This observation brings us to what is certainly a further dimension of their perverted considerations: Besides the issue of big money, in their minds, the highest degree of medical treatment, the very, very, very, very, most Holy of Holy of Holy Sanctums of Modern Medicine is that of the Holy Vaccinations. Yes, from Smallpox to Polio to Measles, those sacred inoculations have saved everyone from all pain and sorrow! So, certainly now, for this major crises of the Covid-19-world-pandemic, it is the God-of-Modern-Medicine’s rightful place to whoop in with a brand new Covid-19-Vaccine that will astoundingly clear everything up and save the day!!

      So, for any doctor to say that there is a an old drug from the back room that can well take care of this and make it that a new vaccine will not be necessary — THAT ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE!!!!!!!! He wrote people a prescription for hydroxychloroquine??????? HE MUST BE ARRESTED AND PUT IN JAIL!!!!!!!! For he has blasphemed our Holy-God-of-Modern-medicine.

      [Again, see the video titled: “How to end the pandemic” at the Pandemic (dot) news website.]

  5. Governor Cuomo, Pelisi, and Schumer will do anything and everythink to make look Trump nad, even they playing with peoe’s lives. This medication should be given at the early stage of the the disease, and by a dictor, so not to make people with a mild case to go to the hospitals which are too criwded anyway.

    • As you and “Quiet New Yorker” above point out, we can well assume that most of the severely wicked leaders of the UN-Democratic party are immensely overjoyed at this horrific calamity of this horrendous Coronavirus/Covid-19. For it presents a brilliant golden opportunity served on a sold gold platter to, Chas V’Shalom, make President Trump appear to be confounded and incompetent and terrible. So, of course, it is to be expected that they will vehemently thwart any effort that would truly lessen the crises and lower the number of injured and killed people.

      Besides this unquenchable hatred of President Trump, there is a further much deeper and far, far, far more sinister aspect of this picture. This is that there are very many severely of severely of severely evil people; many of them are officials or/and advisers to officials in our government and in other countries governments and in the United Nations. Many of them are top prominent leaders in various segments of the world’s business economies. A couple of their names may be familiar to many readers: William Henry “Bill” Gates, of the computer program super-company Microsoft. Robert Edward “Ted” Turner, of the major media station, CNN. Henry Alfred Kissinger, former National Security Adviser and Secretary of State and elder statesman. They have openly stated that (in their warped minds) the “biggest problem” that the world now faces is that there are “too many” people here — the world is “over populated”! In discussions of “bringing the population down,” implications are made that, that will have to be accomplished by the direct murder of “excess peoples.” The stated purpose of giving vaccinations is — not, like your pediatrician tells you of “saving” your life — but rather, with their severe side effects of brain injury, sterilization, and death, to help reduce the population!

      Of course, we do not know if, behind the scenes, these people instructed agents to release this Coronavirus; however, we can well assume that, as it was released and countless thousand have been killed, these people are immensely overjoyed.

  6. Whats wrong with you people, a simple google search on Hydroxychloroquine clinical trials and youll see there were many trials conducted with no benefit whatsoever, unreal what tipship people can be.


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