Sean Hannity Lambastes Al Sharpton, Demands Apology Over Fiery Race Comments: ‘A Professional Paid Assassin Of African Americans’


hannityTelevision host Sean Hannity delivered a harsh message to the Rev. Al Sharpton last night. Wasting no time mincing words, the conservative commentator responded to comments that the MSNBC host recently made and demanded that Sharpton give him an apology.

Sharpton, who has been speaking out fervently throughout the Trayvon Martin saga, recently made some less-than-palatable statements about conservative pundits who have been speaking out about race in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict. On he MSNBC show, he recently said, “The right-wing spin machine doesn’t want an honest conversation. They’re trying to distort the truth and rewrite history.”

And that’s not all. Sharpton also spoke with Earl Ofari Hutchinson on his reality show. The latter claimed that both Hannity and Bill O’Reilly are “professional hit-men” and “professional assassins of African Americans” – statements that had the former up in arms.

Sean Hannity Lambastes Al Sharpton, Demands Apology Over Race Comments: Hes Calling Me a Professional Paid Assassin of African Americans?

In discussing his frustration over these comments with Michael Hardy of the National Action Network (Sharpton’s organization), Hannity mentioned that he has had numerous honest conversations about race with the reverend. He also noted that he has offered internships at Fox for “kids that [Sharpton] thought were needing an opportunity.”

“He’s calling me a professional paid assassin of African Americans? I want an apology,” Hannity charged.

“That wasn’t him,” Hardy responded, noting that it was his guest, Hutchinson, who made the statement about hit-men.

But Hannity wasn’t satisfied, noting that Sharpton knows better than to allow the comments to go unchecked. Again, the host said, “I deserve an apology.” Hardy countered this notion once again, though, claiming that Hannity and Sharpton would be incessantly apologizing to one another if they were held accountable for their guests comments.

“If Rev. Sharpton demanded an apology of everyone that may have been a guest on his show that said something outrageous about him, you guys would be apologizing to each other every day,” Hardy said.


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