Search Team Finds Body Of Last Israeli Unaccounted For In Nepal

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A search team discovered the body of 22-year-old Israeli trekker Or Asraf, who was the last Israeli citizen unaccounted for in Nepal following the devastating earthquake there.

The IsraeLife Joint Disaster Response Team-compromised of volunteers from United Hatzalah, Zaka, and F.I.R.S.T-found and identified Asraf.

“We are very sad that our mission has ended in this way,” said Eli Beer, president of United Hatzalah. “Throughout all the days of the search, we remained hopeful that we would find Or alive and bring him home to his family. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, we found Or when he was no longer alive. We find some comfort in the fact that, as a result of the efforts of our volunteers, Or will be brought to burial in Israel.”




  1. BDE

    was the 9th & final innocent child or infant to be niftar in the month of april alone R”L

    over 140 niftar in the past 2 years R”L

    Such sweet righteous children who left their families in a instant & left them all mourning over their loss.

    pleassssse I beg my brothers with tears & mourning to put a stop to these endless instant tragedies & pain that is caused to all these families. by finally waking up & FACING REALITY & admitting to Hashem that Hashem is right & we need to do teshuva so this time of tzaros can end.

    for complete list of names & info. email Hashems Teshuva movement at [email protected]


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