Secaucus Mayor To Resign In Wake Of Bribery Sting


secaucus-mayorJust off the wire: The lawyer for Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell says the accused lawmaker will resign in the wake of his corruption probe arrest. Elwell has served as a mayor and councilman for more than two decades. Elwell and 43 other public officials and others were indicted last Thursday in the largest and most high-profile corruption probes in state history. Secaucus residents like Adeline Germinario maintain that Elwell served the town well. “He was a very good mayor, and then something happened and no one knows,” Germinario said.

Secaucus town administrator David Drumeler said that the town is still astonished.

“And the main emotion that we’re seeing is shock and surprise,” Drumeler said.

Drumeler said the case has not and will not hinder Secaucus’ ability to serve its residents.

The decorated Vietnam combat veteran, Elwell, is accused of accepting a $10,000 cash bribe to help an FBI informant build a hotel.

Meanwhile, Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez and Hoboken Mayor Pete Cammarano, have both said they’re staying put and fighting all allegations.

Suarez and his attorney are accused of accepting $10,000 in bribes for getting approvals for building developments in Ridgefield.

Cammarano is charged with accepting $25,000 in cash bribes in return for promising to help the FBI informant get zoning changes for a high-rise development.

{WCBS-TV/ Newscenter}


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